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Happy New Year.

Last night was depressing. I went to bed after hours of self-loathing and dwelling on regret. I don't remember my dream, but the vague images that come to mind are of friends and laughter and school...things dying out of my life right now.

I woke up recovered and stayed in bed for thirty minutes, browsing reddit and 9Gag. I had to take my mind off awful thoughts and reacquaint myself with laughter. Reddit wasn't as positive as it had been on New Year's Eve. It hurt, but that's life. No one had messaged me on WhatsApp. I nearly deleted the app but I thought it wiser to cope than bail.

I finally gathered the courage to face the day, get back to work and live as a normal person. The radio was on; BBC as usual. Top of the hour news: a couple of wretched Indians gand rape a Japanese girl for a month. It's awful, but shit happens a lot these days.

Three hours after walking around readjusting to society, the news broadcast can't shut up about this abusive story. It's like top of the agenda: the spotlight is on the plight of the unfortunate girl. There's also this story of underage-sex accusations against Prince Harry (I think). Awful.

The news can't shut up about it either.

An hour later and the journalists are still on these two stories. They're making the agenda again. Hundreds of millions of people are listening to them and getting outraged. That's how the news works. That's how society works. We're all listening to the same outlet. Like orators with an audience, they take a small situation and make it the world's agenda. People listen, get outraged, and soak it all up. It makes conversations at dinner tables, thoughts while in bed. It makes blog posts. It seeds the world's collective mind.

Is it just me, or did I hear a smile in the new presenter's voice as she read the story about the Japanese girl and Indian brutes again? Is there some callous pleasure that comes from being the bearer of foul news?

I walked up to the damn set, stuck a pendrive in it and turned the radio off. Now the black box has Don Moen singing "Jesus Christ is Lord".

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